Guests may park free of charge at the following locations:

Metered spaces after 4pm on week nights and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Municipal Parking Lots at Fourth Street and Main Street and Third Street and Diamond Street.

Please click here for special needs parking.


The Brickyard seeks to maintain an environment of culture, community and positive reinvestment. As a spectator, participant or guest we ask that you respectfully adopt the following standards during your time at our venue. Violence is never the answer, pickup and properly dispose of your trash and please be kind. 


Fun is key, but rules are necessary. Guests are asked to oblige to the following policies. Alcohol is available for purchase, your ID is required. Alcohol must remain on site. Coolers are prohibited.  DMI will not over serve any guest. Guests that are not behaving responsibly will be escorted off site by venue security. DMI is not responsible for lost or stolen goods. 

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